The Uffizi Gallery

According to UNESCO, one third of all the world’s art treasures are housed in Florence! During the Renaissance, in the 14th century, all the city’s wealthy and powerful families began collecting ancient works of art, as well as commissioning new works from important contemporary artists – at the time Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael and Botticelli all lived and worked in Florence.

Today many of these art works are housed in the Uffizi Gallery, but visiting the museum can be rather overwhelming if you go alone. On our guided tour we will help you to focus on the most important works and you will soon understand how fascinating and entertaining art history can be! We will not only explain and interpret the artwork itself, but also the technique used by the artist, the symbolism inherent in the painting and also who commissioned it. Often it is more interesting to find out why a specific painting was painted and the history hidden behind it!